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Welcome to LigMax Lead Generation! Whether you're a new or experienced marketer, you will be able to easily generate a growing residual income with our program.

LigMax Lead Generation is a free marketing club that builds a downline for you in multiple businesses with very little effort. We do the hard work for you in advance, saving you time, effort and money, and make it super easy to earn a solid income online.

LIGMAX means Leverage Income Maximization, where you can write your own Pay Check, Day after Day,  month after month. You are guaranteed to earn massively daily from Multiple Streams of Income as a Pro member. Even free members have something to gain.

Our First Set of Income Generating Industry is ready for you to start minting your Pay Check!!

  1. Telecoms – One of the biggest industries in Nigeria today, own a platform that makes you money while offering subscription and Cheap Data Services.
  2. Ecommerce- This is the fastest growing business now in Nigeria, Drop Shipping, Buying and Selling, Mini Importation etc. Now you learn EVERYTHING about Mini Importation Business and also have access to massive Sales Executives ready to sell your Products for you and also own a Store of your own on our Ecommerce Platform.
  3. Real Estate – Real Estate is a MEGA ASSURANCE ALERT industry where you stand to enjoy over 400k Alerts weekly while growing a Real Estate Consultancy Business.

Ligmax exposes you making Multiple Income through these and more to come.

We use the unrivaled power of 'viral leverage' to ensure our members are regularly receiving new referrals to our recommended suite of programs. These programs have been sourced, tried, tested, and approved over a period of time to meet our strident quality standards.



Viral Marketing Make Money Massively Downline Builder
Enjoy Multiple Streams of Multilevel Marketing Income Enjoy Maasive Weekly Products and Softwares to Pick and Sell for 100% Profit Direct Access to Downlines through Powerful Email Software



Here's how our program works:


Can you see the power of duplication here? When everyone does the same thing and keeps promoting their affiliate link, they in turn will receive a number of new signups to all the programs that they are a member of.

And has it dawned on you yet? ... That means you are also eligible to receive multiple commissions in these programs too! Some may be a one-time commission, but others are paid monthly, which builds your residual income dramatically.

This replication makes downline building easy and it continues down many levels to build a strong business in no time! You will receive unlimited link flow-through down levels, and the ability to generate a profitable income.

This no-effort style of promotion can really add up fast when you want to increase your income exponentially. The benefits continues throughout all levels, meaning that your referral ID will be traced through your own direct downline and your downline's downline as well.

Here's what you can expect when you signup today:

You will be issued with a username and a password.

You will gain instant access to your own personalized control panel.

You also gain access to a host of other special features that you'll enjoy!

We begin to help you to build profitable downlines in your own business as soon as you start promoting.


Our advanced script works automatically with our secure database, and is designed to keep constant track of every click-through associated with your referral ID. These click-throughs are traced and recorded in our database so you can rest assured that you will always receive the right compensation for your promotions.

And the good thing is -- you only need to promote 1 link for multiple programs!

Our Lead-generation service is hosted on our own reliable server, allowing us to maintain and ensure all scripts and databases are in optimal condition.

Another good reason to join is that you will receive fantastic bonuses absolutely free! These will help you to market your business and to build your downline.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to find out what viral marketing is all about and start building your downline business? Are you impatient to start earning commissions in multiple programs? Then there's just one step left to take... Click the link below to get started straight away, then upgrade to Pro membership on the other side.

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